It’s not surprising at all that different companies are trying to reach their customers in various ways. Moreover, there are also a few solutions for exploring the same marketing tool as a customization to the particular case.

It seems that web marketing specialists already found solution for every problem. They were even looking for the way to reach customers that already seemed to quit from using our service – and this is how remarketing was born! What is that and how does it actually work?

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a pretty simple and efficient way to match the perfect offer with the perfect customer who might be interested in using it. How does it work? Customers’ habits and their visited websites are saved in cookies.

You don’t need to collect the information on your own – it’s fully automatized and it doesn’t demand your effort at all! Basing on this, you can decide who’s gonna see your advert. Someone who already placed the order on the website, who has been following you for at least three months or maybe who has visited your online store in the last 3 days – it’s up to you! The effectiveness of chosen option depends on your general advertising strategy. What’s the point of this kind of actions? Basically, they allows you to match the perfect opportunity with the person who might be interested in it to get more potential and successful purchases.

This tool is used mostly in the cases when someone already visited our website but for some reason didn’t place an immediate order.

When they will see your offer again in a while, there’s a chance that they will finally decide to purchase. This is also the way to call back some old customers and encourage them to buy another product. For instance, your client bought a digital camera – offer him a tripod or additional memory card! The other one grabbed sport shoes? Show him your clothes and equipment! As you can see, remarketing is actually a perfect and simple tool to increase your sales without a big effort.

Why is remarketing profitable?

First of all, it’s pretty simple. Obviously, you need to plan the campaign, but all of the information about your customers are already collected! This method is really precise – you can easily decide who exactly is going to see your advert. Then, the chance that it will be shown to a person interested in your service is very high. You can choose to call back your old customers, those who still didn’t make up their minds or just potentially interested visitors – there are plenty of possible options that you can try. Moreover, the way of stimulating them in general is not annoying or interrupting – that’s why this kind of campaign might be really effective!

This kind of actions simply make customers remember about your service and increase chance to have them back in the future.

You can also get them engaged in your offer by showing latest promotions and new items in stock – it simply creates a possibility that they will purchase new product.

As you can see, there are plenty of options and all of them bring profits for both visitor and you – and this is the most important advantage of remarketing! You definitely should check out this way of advertising – it’s a perfect opportunity to get new purchases and loyal customers.

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