There’s no doubt that the Internet is a really important marketing tool. Why shouldn’t we use its potential to create our brand and promote our service?

Once we decide to launch our own online activity, it’s important to learn about the differences between main web marketing tools. Remember those few words as you may need them really soon!


This name shouldn’t sound strange to anyone who have ever launched their own blog or website. To keep it simple, proper using of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools helps to improve our position on Google search lists. Let your website be visible for everyone who needs it! It’s pretty obvious that the more interested people you will attract, the more customers and purchases you may get. Remember: being visible increases sales, both in short and long distance.


Most of the web marketing beginners can easily recognize SEO actions, but not everyone is aware of what is SEM (Search Engine Marketing). As some people tend to claim there’s no difference between those two terms, the whole thing may be very confusing. Actually, SEO is a part of SEM and as SEM we can consider all of the strategies and plans connected with search engines. Then, it’s not only about improving a search lists position – it’s also receiving some paid listing from PPC (Pay Per Click) and implementing other promo activities.

Social media

No one is surprised that traditional marketing is getting less and less effective. We ignore TV adverts and don’t read magazines anymore – they are already successfully replaced by social media. Using this channel is not just about posting pictures – it should be a well-planned strategy communicating the uniqueness of your brand. The main goal of such activities is interaction with your followers and slowly changing them into customers. It’s a perfect platform to receive feedback, communicate your vision and to build your position, so don’t forget about this efficient promo channel! It will really help your brand to be visible and recognized. Social media are always about following trends, so simply keep updated.

Content marketing

Content is a value. It’s a distribution of things that are relevant to make your customers get involved into your service. Honestly, it’s not only about encourage and attracting their attention – it’s even changing their behavior, creating new habits, simply: doing everything to make them need your product! Basically, content marketing is just a communication without sales – it’s a kind of art to make your customers inquire about your service without interrupting them with your offer. Of course, getting attraction with the content is gonna be a long process, but the outcome may be more than worthy! Content-related activities should be integrated in marketing strategy and perfectly analyzed – a well-planned and controlled actions may make you receive many loyal customers and valuable profits. That’s why nowadays it’s so hard to imagine marketing without a good content.


Remarketing is being precise. It’s a way of matching a perfect service with a perfect customer – doesn’t it sound successful and efficient? When using remarketing, you can adjust your advert to the visitors, what creates great opportunities for potential purchases. That’s why remarketing is the best tool to attract attention of people who already visited your website but for some reason didn’t decide to order at once. It’s also a way to call back the customers who already used your service to get back with another inquiry. It perfectly supports sales process! Using remarketing it’s pretty easy – it’s slightly automatized, so you don’t need to put a lot of effort to collect information about your visitors. Keep them updated and stimulated!

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