No matter what kind of website you’re going to run, SEO is always one of the most important tools to increase its visibility. There’s no difference when it comes to online stores – carefully adjusted SEO actions have power to bring you many more visitors and purchases.

Then, being well-indexed at the most famous search engines is a key to successful sales – and it’s definitely worthy to use this potential! Check out our few tips for making your SEO actions truly effective and prepare your own SEO strategy.

  1. Unite internal links

To make your SEO actions effective, the first step is adjusting all of your internal links. All of them should lead to exactly the same domain, as even small gaps will make search engines recognize them as different, independent sites. Then, check them carefully to make sure that you have a good basement for the next adjustments.

  1. Choose a SEO-friendly domain

There are plenty of cute, original and engaging names for online shops and brands. However, sometimes the simplest ideas are just the best – having a name of your product or a keyword in your brand’s name may really give a boost to your SEO. Then, it may be worth of re-considering, as having a SEO-friendly name can become a crucial and beneficial step on your e-commerce way.

  1. Use keywords

SEO cannot exist without keywords – then, try to place them not only on the main page, but also in links, titles of pictures and subpages. Pay attention especially to keywords located in the names of your products, as they are able to provide you much better visibility in search results.

  1. Provide good product descriptions

When running an online store, the crucial thing is to focus on your products – obviously, they are the most important elements of your business. Then, provide them professional and engaging product descriptions. As this kind of content should be unique, avoid copy-paste actions and take care of really high quality. Mind the keywords.

  1. Run your own blog

Writing a professional blog related to products available in your store is a perfect idea to improve SEO. Provide some interesting, relevant content, remember to place proper keywords and to use popular phrases frequently typed into search bars. Your chances to reach more visitors and potential customers will spectacularly increase!


2 thoughts on “How To Improve SEO of Your Online Store?

  1. Thanks for the share, very helpful and informative article.

    One quick question.

    How much of an impact can a SEO friendly domain have on the success of your online store?

    Kind regards,

    1. There is not such concept like “SEO friendly domain”, actually. However we can point at unfriendly domains like “”. Too many letters, not enough brand wording and spam alike phrases are not so good. Try to think about using brand names, starting with e-commerce, always!

      Regards, LTB agency

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