Every brand who once became successful in their own country may come up with the thought about starting the expansion in the other states – for example in Poland.

The process of introducing local product to the foreign market might be worth of effort, but also complicated at the same time. How to make Polish people trust completely new brand appearing on their market? How to convince them that choosing international brand is better than buying local products?

Face the reality

In Poland there appears a tendency to choose local brands. More and more customers want to support Polish companies and to generate better income for the native business. The evidence of this phenomena is the existence of mobile applications recognizing originally Polish brands by scanning the barcode. On the other hand, many people in Poland are still eager to trust international companies, what makes Polish market a good place for introducing new products. Once you make sure that you can really reach the target audience in this country, you can start your promotional actions.

Get adjusted

Nowadays it’s pretty easy to promote any kind of brand and to attract customers by using various online tools. Due to the existence of Internet, building an international brand is much easier than it used to be 30 or 40 years ago – don’t waste this potential! However, using standard social media actions may not be enough to reach the specific audience of the particular country. It’s always a good way to communicate the brand and offer, but to make your actions more effective, you need to adjust them to the specificity of the local market. Before starting your promotion, don’t forget to provide your website a local domain and to translate all the content to Polish! Moreover, try to find out what kind of information may attract your new audience – it will help you to build and implement a really effective strategy.

Choose your channel

When the brand becomes successful in one country, it is highly possible that it will also reach the same goals in another – the secret is to choose a proper way of communication.

If you’re not experienced with the target market, hiring an interactive agency which specializes in introducing foreign brands to Polish market might be a really good idea.

Basing on their experience and knowledge, they will help you pick the best solutions for your new audience. As they’re always updated with the local needs and trends, they will be able to provide you relevant information and tips.

Check it out and get ready for introducing your brand in Poland!

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