Effective advertising for every businessEffective advertising for every business

Your company offers great service, but there are not many customers? Or perhaps you run an online store and you want to increase the conversion? In both cases, the better, and sometimes underestimated tool may be remarketing.

If you have an online store and you want to John Smith purchased just in your store, you need a remarketing – a tool that uses cookies, which are installed in the browser of visitors to the page. As a result, when Internet users are viewing a completely different site can see personalized advertising products from the store, who had previously visited.

The use remarketing to increase the conversion rate that is user reactions to the commercials. This means that service providers registering growth of interest in your offer and increase sales of services or products. Dynamic Remarketing allows you to adjust the displayed ad to your interests. Thanks to the browser ‘reminds’ users interested in buying a blender, a car or part of a computer on the offer, which was watched.

Remarketing is an activity advertising directed to people who previously visited your website. How it’s working? Suppose Janina Nowak is looking for good quality household appliances – is especially interested in her food processors. Currently offer many shops, but ultimately decided not to buy because they want to even think about it.

Prepare remarketing campaign with  LTBPrepare remarketing campaign with  LTB

Our company specializes in the use of tools Google AdWords – we develop for our clients’ advertising strategies and we choose the solutions that will bring your website the most beneficial effects.

Preparing effective options under RLSA – Remarketing List for Search Ads – begins to add to your website remarketing tag. Then you can begin to create a remarketing list – selecting different parameters can predict what kind of advertising is displayed a group of users. You can target your campaign to the people who added something to Shopping Cart online store, but did not make the purchase. Another strategy is to choose people who have already made a purchase in a particular price range or watched products in a particular category. When they browse any page in the network will go to them advertising reminiscent of the products that interested them.

A team of specialists from the LTB will offer your company solutions which give the best results. We will match the profile of the campaign and its program to the needs of your site and to the specific target audience. This way, your offer will reach out to people who are potential customers for your services.


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