Everyone who at least has a clue about web marketing must have heard of SEO. Every company, even the smallest one, has an own website to provide information and to communicate with customers.

Of course, it’s important to make it visible on the Google search lists. But do you actually know what is SEM and what’s the difference between those two mysterious names? How does it actually work altogether? It’s easy to get a bit confused about it, so let’s try to explain.

SEO and SEM – is there any difference?

It’s simply not possible to compare SEM and SEO. The reason for that is: SEO is a part of SEM. As SEM (Search Engine Marketing) we can simply consider all of the marketing activities that help to increase our position in search engines. All of the strategies and tactics that we implement here are trying to increase a chance for the website to be found by someone who needs it. Here we can classify promo campaigns, website optimization and other search-engine related services. Another important part of SEM is PPC (Pay Per Click), so just paid listings appearing on the search lists as a result of searching for information.

To make it simple: when SEM is much broader topic, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is just about increasing the traffic on the website.

Is SEO and SEM for everyone?

As we already explained, SEM and SEO are kind of different things. SEO is most commonly known among small businesses that don’t really need a very wide advertising. It’s a perfect solution for those who cannot afford paying for full SEM strategy, but still want their website to be visible. It’s ok! SEO service may be really inexpensive and can turn out to be extremely helpful in receiving better organic search results.

SEM is more about advertising and promoting – not all of its products are necessary to get higher position on the search lists. Actually, it’s up to you and your strategy if you decide to use SEM or only SEO. SEM with its PPC service may be a good solution for new companies that haven’t built a basement for organic clicks yet and need some immediate results to launch their business and to grow their position later on. No matter which option you will choose, it’s always crucial to plan SEO or SEM campaign really precisely. It’s not just a one-time, temporary action, but a long process that should be strictly controlled, analyzed and, first of all, adjusted to your customers’ needs and expectations.

SEO and SEM – why is it so important?

Why is it so worthy to use services of SEO and SEM? Of course, a good position on the search lists is really helpful in promoting our product and attracting new customers. No one has time to scroll down to check out tens of possible options – we simply tend to pick one of the first shown opportunities. Due to some research, search engine users usually don’t mind to receive PPC adverts as they fit their needs and don’t interrupt them. If there is a high possibility that your advert will be helpful for someone, why won’t you just follow it? The other important thing is that SEO and SEM are not about temporary results, but they can simply bring immediate effects that will be profitable in a very long distance. Then, if you’re planning budget for your business, it’s worthy to think of hiring a good SEM or SEO specialist – it’s may be one of your best investments!

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