The speed of e-marketing’s development is even more than impressive. Therefore, trends are changing extremely fast and every year there appear many interesting ideas that, once are followed, may truly give a boost to your e-business.

Share videos

Already a trend in 2017, it doesn’t seem to diminish in the upcoming season. Videos became crucial in many social media campaigns, and most of the channels already adjusted their services to sharing this kind of content. Creating a highly-engaging videos that meet customers’ expectations is not easy at all, but it may turn out to be really profitable. Forecasts say that soon online videos may even replace the traditional TV, and the recent observations of social media show that this statement shouldn’t be surprising.

Work with influencers

Previously they were stars known from the TV screen, nowadays – they’re ordinary people who somehow got the power to create the trends ruling the whole online world. Recommendation of an influencer may mean much more to your business than any mainstream ATL campaign. Following the opinion of favourite blogger or online celebrity may efficiently transform multiple viewers into engaged consumers. More about this you fill find here.

Invest in copywriting

As videos are doubtlessly replacing photos, gifs and graphics, we definitely cannot say the same about text content. A website is usually the first place when the consumer can check our offer – then, we should put all the effort to create the best first moment of truth. No matter how big is your business and what are your promo channels, having catchy and polished up headers and articles is simply a must. Start with good content and measure your success!

Launch a chatbox

Chatbox placed on your website may bring you multiple benefits – first of all, fast communication and immediate problem solving. Moreover, nowadays many functions of chatboxes can be handled by bots, so this solution will bring your business to the higher level of digitalization. However, the efficiency of chatbox may depend on your target audience – make sure that your potential customers are eager to use modern online tools.


Catch micro-moments

Our daily routine is full of micro-moments – every single time we follow the impulse to use the smartphone and check something online, we’re obviously exposed to the influence of inventive online marketing. Why won’t you use it for your own business purposes? Create a content that will provide your visitors an immediate solutions for their daily life problems and you will not even need to force them to take desired purchase actions.

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