Google AdWords ServicesGoogle AdWords Services

Use the tools that Google offers is a sure way to increase your visibility on the Web. Working with a professional team gain the chance that these tools will be used best, bringing results exceeding expectations.

Campaigns Google AdWords is an effective form of advertising. A potential customer in response to a request entered into a search engine receives an indication of just promoting your site or your stationary store or online. Convenient and transparent tools Google AdWords allow you to monitor the results of the campaign – to how many people reach and what interest is.

What do you gain, leading AdWords campaign in our company?

  • Analysis of industry specifics,
  • Selection of strategic keywords,
  • Conscious planning and selection of effective techniques,
  • Action to increase the effectiveness of advertising,
  • Specialist support at every stage of the campaign,
  • Professionalism certified Google AdWords.

LTB Poland offers its customers professional AdWords campaigns – after analyzing the industry and the nature of the client, we offer the keywords that will be a text link advertising the your site in Google. With billing CPC (Cost per Click) you pay only for effective advertising, which by clicking on the link to your website.

The effectiveness of Google AdWords campaign is very important to the selection of keywords. SEO specialists from help you choose the word with the greatest potential.

Our company boasts a Certificate of Google AdWords, which is a guarantee of perfect knowledge of AdWords tools and professional team LTB. This enables us to provide the customer with assistance in organizing campaigns and support or carry out a campaign for a client.

We offer Google AdWords services in Poland, Germany, Austria and Norway.

Google Shopping and not only – the possibility of AdWordsGoogle Shopping and not only – the possibility of AdWords

Ways to promote your business using the tools Google AdWords include:

  • Campaigns text – a way for it to advertising your website appeared above the organic results of search engines;
  • Graphic campaigns – use banners that appear on websites that partner with Google – Google;
  • Remarketing, which is again on reaching Internet users who have previously visited your website;
  • Google Merchant Center – you can promote products online stores in response to a specific request; graphic advertisement with the name of the store and the price appears on the right side of the screen, next to the organic results.

The last suggestion, Google Shopping, this offer particularly attractive for those selling online. The integration of the products the store with AdWords allows you to promote them directly in the browser, which is where customers begin any exploration of their interest goods.

Creation – we advise, design and implement ads – banners, for the purposes of marketing

Google Adwords Tools allow you to reach audiences interested in a product or service. It is also possible to search for new clients by defining the location in which your ad may appear. This can be a particular city or part of the region or the entire country.

If you care about effective advertising campaigns entrust Google AdWords specialists. Contact us to develop a strategy and plan the campaign, and then observe growing sales in your store.


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