There’s absolutely no doubt that even the smallest company should launch their own website.

According to some research about customers’ habits, it’s definitely the best platform to communicate with clients, provide all necessary information and news and to place an online shop. However, there are still many companies that decide to replace the traditional website with just a Facebook profile. Of course, this solution is very practical for the advertiser – it’s obviously easier and cheaper to take care of only one platform than a professional site plus social media. But is it also that convenient and functional for users looking for the information? We don’t think so – you definitely should have an own, independent website!

How should the website look like?

We won’t give you any universal answer – everything depends on your profession and marketing strategy. However, there appear some trends that you can follow to create your own website. First of all, due to the rise of mobile internet usage, you should consider choosing a responsive web design. Making the website convenient for everyone who wishes to use modern tools and technologies is a must! It not only brings a really fresh and functional design, but also shows that you’re updated and aware of ongoing changes. A good website should be also SEO-friendly.

Sometimes it may be worthy to avoid trendy, minimalistic design and to choose the option that will let you put some content – it’s going to improve your position on the search lists.

If you’d like to present your products, you can consider using some slideshows and galleries. Some specialists also suggest to implement advanced animations, but be careful! They obviously present the skill of the designer, but improper use of such tools may make your website totally dysfunctional. If you’re planning to write a blog, you can try using a popular card layout in the Pintertest style – it will help you to display your newest posts in a very stylish way.

Website in branding

For sure the website will make your business look more professional, no matter what kind of service you have to offer. But it’s not the only profit – first of all, the website might be a really important tool for branding! Having a strong position is crucial not only for big corporations, but also for small, local companies. That’s why it’s so important to build a memorable website showing your uniqueness.

Every single part of its design is important:

  • colors,
  • functions,
  • fonts,
  • language

But it’s not only about aesthetics – first of all, your site should evoke visitors’ emotions! Adjust the way of speaking and communication to attract their attention and try to create an uniform image of your brand.

Do everything to make your potential customers remember you.

If they do so, they will easily recognize you in the future. That’s why you should fight for uniqueness and stop following the ideas of your rivals! Compete and care about the quality of your website – you will be judged by this. And here’s the last tip: don’t forget to put your logo in the visible place and make it big enough to become noticeable. Together with fonts, colors and symbols it will be building your brand. Choose well and be loyal to what you’ve chosen!a

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