It’s nearly impossible to imagine online marketing without Facebook. This platform is definitely one of a kind – it’s not only the tool for keeping in touch with the community, but it already became one of the main channels for advertising.

However, there are thousands of messages being posted every day, so if you want to stay competitive, you have to pay attention to every detail and aspect of the content that you’re sharing.


Mind the graphic content

It’s pretty obvious that graphics and images will always be more eye-catchy than just a simple line of text. Then, try to equip your Facebook posts with attractive and high quality pictures that will help to increase your visibility. However, don’t forget to add also a short line of comment – it will help your visitors understand your message properly, and, along with that, build an image of your brand.


Follow the trends

Being updated is the first rule when it comes to social media. If you want to be noticed, you simply must follow the trends. One of the latest and very efficient social media techniques is posting videos. As they’re willingly watched and shared, they may become a perfect space for showing off your creativity or just introducing product placement. If you’d really like to be widely distributed, better keep their entertaining character.


Post regularly

To reach the most satisfying results, you have to remember to post regularly. “Regularly” doesn’t mean “every day” – you need to adjust the frequency of posting to the routine of your target group and specifics of your branch. However, you just mustn’t leave your Facebook page inactive for a number of days or weeks.


Diversify your content

If you want to attract more visitors, your content should be diversified – then you will be able to reach audience having different preferences and interests. Show your creativity through posting videos, graphics and gifs and follow the newest trends. Let your visitors be positively surprised with your ideas – once they like them, they will share them!


Post engaging messages

There’s probably nothing more effective than making your visitors co-create your content. Posting questions or messages evoking comments will give a boost to your outreach – don’t waste this opportunity! The more engaged is your audience, the bigger is the value of your fanpage – remember that having involved and active community sometimes means much more than numbers.

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